We, Sverige Hus, propose living environment of Sweden though
"authentic Swedish houses".

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Swedish people values the role their houses play as a shelter that protect families and as a foundation that meets the sense of the residents and suits their lifestyles.
Their houses can last for a long time. That's why they have high asset value. The key words that can represent such Swedish houses are...

You will be wrapped around the warmth of woods, which makes you feel like you are in the refreshing and calming forest. Swedish houses have the blessings of the forests and keep the house warm throughout the year. They are handed down from generation to generation, protecting families and adding more value with various memories.

We, Sverige Hus, propose living environment of Sweden though "authentic Swedish houses". Why don't you experience authentic Swedish houses with high value in assets?



We offer compact and standard type housing. Their high functionality results in saving in energy and living cost (electricity).



Japanese sense and masterful techniques create Swedish high functionality houses.



You can choose and combine [+α] functions such as retrofitted insulation materials, solar power generation system and ventilation system.



All the building materials are made in factories in Sweden. The local techniques and craftsmanship makes the foundation of tailor-made imported Swedish houses.

The two factors that made Swedish housing better

Zero Fossil fuel policy in building houses was born under such circumstances.
Swedish people cannot survive their harsh winter without heaters since the fourth of their land is in the Arctic Circle.
Therefore, energy saving in housing has progressed radically.
The government, universities and private enterprises cooperate with one another. They have ongoing projects, research and development.

In fact, almost zero fossil fuel is used in building houses in Sweden.
This is not all. There are houses that do not consume any energy or supply energy to the society.

We, Sverige Hus, has followed functions of Swedish houses and actively introduced global warming countermeasures. This results in saving energy, using reusable materials such as woods, accumulating knowledge on authentic high functionality.
We have been working on reducing CO2. Our new initiatives include clear indication of environmental footprint and proposals of more eco-friendly and fashionable living with high functionality.

Our thermal environment software, "SAMASH" simulated how much CO2 our Swedish houses have saved. The result revealed maximum 92% CO2 reduction compared to the energy saving standard for next generation. We believe in comfortable but ecological living. You can experience it at our model Swedish houses.

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We sell household goods which are imported from Nordic countries such as Sweden. Carefully selected items with high functionality and design.

We were invited to 100 anniversary party of Swedish company, "GADELIUS"
(2007, 17 October)

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