We, Sverige Hus, propose living environment of Sweden though
"authentic Swedish houses".

Request for our brochure/ inquiries 055-274-4777

Request for our brochure/ inquiries

Please use the below email form if you have any questions or inquiries. If you would like our brochures, we will send it to the address in the form.

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Why do you want to build a new house? My current house is small 
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My current house is old 
What's your budget? 1,500, 000 ~2,000,000 2,000,000~2,500,000
2,500,000~3,000,000  3,000,000~3.500.000
3,500,000~4,000,000 4,000,000~4,500,000
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When do you want to start building your house? Now Within around 6 months Within a year
Within 2 years Others Not decided
What are you interested in us? Pricing Building Paying a loan within 35 years
What is your building area? Around 66m² Around 82.5m² Around 90m²
Around 115.5m² Around 132m² Around 148.5m²
Around 165m²  More than 181.5m² Not decided
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