We, Sverige Hus, propose living environment of Sweden though
"authentic Swedish houses".

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Our special construction method creates Swedish houses with high functionality

Japanese sense and techniques make functional Swedish houses

① Body structures with fantastic insulation and airtight system

The exterior wall has airtight sheets on the inside and waterproof sheets on the outside. On top of that, packing materials are inserted to the top and the bottom of the wall. The better airtight system is achieved by using multiple airtight sheets instead of using airtight tape.

② Perfect ventilation layer method is applied from the walls to the attic

The body structures include ventilation layers in order to keep the woods and insulation materials nice and dry. This makes the house last longer with well-maintained materials.

③ Solid 2×6 structure

Heat insulators are blown into the 2×6 and 2×8 exterior stats at the construction site. Their effects can last for a long time without decreasing its performance.

④ Radiant heat effects from the surrounding walls

We are affecting by the indoor atmospheric pressure and the radiant temperature from the surrounding walls. The heat-retaining function of the surrounding walls is in proportion to the functionality of the building structures. Houses with excellent heat-retaining function can provide a comfortable environment with a small amount of energy throughout the year.

⑤ Special foundation

150 mm square continuous footing is used for the foundation, and on top of that, 700 mm square continuous footing is applied for the basement. We design the foundation based on the condition of the ground. D16 are screwed in the base structures and fat M16 are used for anchor bolts.

Basic structure is 2×6

Exterior wall material

Exterior walls contain high density heat insulators. This keeps the insulators inside the walls. Since the insulators are poured into the boards with high pressure, they can puff up even when the wooden boards shrink. Therefore, the insulation function can keep its performance.


Highly functional glass wool 16K is applied to the floors.
Standard specification: 2×6 joist, the insulator is 140 mm thick
Optional specification: 2×8 joist, the insulator is 16K, 184 mm


300mm blown heat insulator is used for the attic and 240 mm high density blown heat insulator is used for inclined ceiling parts.

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