We, Sverige Hus, propose living environment of Sweden though
"authentic Swedish houses".

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We offer the functionality and comfortability of the imported Swedish houses.

All the building materials are made in factories in Sweden. The local techniques and craftsmanship makes the foundation of tailor-made imported Swedish houses.

① Special wood materials

In Sweden, the country manages the amount of woods that people can cut down, depending on the growth of forests. It is banned to fell trees that are younger than 80 years old. Their conservation of nature and the quality of wood building materials are top notch. We choose excellent quality lumbers that are from the freezing area of the Northern Sweden. These firm panels are processed by the skilled hands at the local factories.

② Great airtight and insulation system

195mm exterior wall stats get filled with insulators, attached airtight sheets, wood exterior walls, and windows at a panel making factory in Sweden. After being delivered to Japan, these materials are added another 45mm heat insulator. The thickness of the wall ends up 361 mm, which is very firm with excellent airtight, and heat/sound insulation function.

③ Feel the comfort on your skin

Radiant heat effects from the structure helps to keep the rooms at comfortable temperatures without using any energy. The pleasant living is in your hand. You can feel the difference immediately.

④ Special foundation

We use flat slab founda tion with fat D16 as standard specification. The floor and the foundation are integrated.

The basic foundation is made in a factory in Sweden.

All the exterior wall materials are manufactured in a factory in Sweden. Windows, heat insulators and wood sidings are applied and packed into containers. These panels are directly shipped to Japan. This process is also applied to the interior walls and roof truss which are also made in a Swedish factory.

Exterior panels

Interior panels



Exterior panels

45×195 boards get filled with Swedish mineral wool insulator (195 thickness) at a factory in Sweden. They are added additional 45 mm insulator at the construction site, which makes the total thickness of the board 240 mm.

Heat insulators at a factory

Additional heat insulator at a construction site

Floor heat insulator

Swedish made plastic heat insulators are placed on the concrete floor with dehumidifying sheets.
It's only 70mm thick, but the insulation power is so strong that you can feel your warmth of your hand bounce back when you touch it.
On the second floor, firm mineral wool boards are also applied to make it a double floor for sound insulation.

1F Floor heat insulator

2F a double floor sound insulator

Heat insulator on the attic

All the types of our houses use blown heat insulators. The standard thickness is 400 mm.
We use 400mm blown heat insulator for inclined ceiling parts. You don7t have to worry about the heat in the summer (as long as your rooms are air-conditioned properly).

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