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"authentic Swedish houses".

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Housing |Z89



This is a standard compact house, which you can arrange in various ways.

High functionality of the house reduces the energy and living cost (electricity).

Basic structure is 2×4

Exterior wall material

2×4(38mm×89mm) boards are used as exterior materials. They contain high density heat insulators. This keeps the insulators inside the walls. Since the insulators are poured into the boards with high pressure, they can puff up even when the wooden boards shrink. Therefore, the insulation function can keep its performance.

"6 kinds of standard boards", the main materials for 2×4 method


The construction of the floor doesn't use any joist. Polystyrene foams 90 mm (3b) are applied as heat insulators.


Blown heat insulator 300mm is used for the attic and high density blown heat insulator 180 mm is used for inclined ceiling parts.

Ceiling insulation

Wall insulation

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