We, Sverige Hus, propose living environment of Sweden though
"authentic Swedish houses".

Request for our brochure/ inquiries 055-274-4777

Our staff members


CEO Takashi Ogura

It was Spring in 1996 when I first saw a Swedish house. I joined a franchise housing store that sells Swedish houses. That experience in amazing design and construction of Swedish houses mesmerized me. The more I knew about Swedish housing, the more I became interested in importing these houses. Later, I founded the current company with help from Mr. Kanae and other staff members. We, Sverige Hus, import tailor made houses from Sweden and also endorse the Swedish culture on living to propose a fuller life. Currently our model houses has a store that sells items such as lampshades which are inevitable to Swedish household, textile, and household goods. We would like to introduce great items that we found in Sweden and Europe to Japan, from Yamanashi prefecture. At the same time, we would like to present information on Yamanashi/Japan and also good Japanese items. It's our wish to act as a bridge between the countries. Lastly, my life goal is to create Swedish low carbon housing techniques that suit Japanese climate.

Qualification a first class architect, the Level 1 construction
Organization a member of Nordic architecture design organization
Birthday 17 December, 1968
Blood type B
Birth Place Yamanashi Prefecture
Hobby Fishing
Favorite food Toast Skagen
Favorite spot Fiord in Norway
The thing I'm into Playing with my children
Motto You can make your dream come true
Favorite sports Watching F1
Favorite celebrity Kanako Yanagihara


Hus&Artiklar Store Manager Naomi Arai

At one point in my life, I was seriously thinking about moving to Sweden. That's how much I love the country! My speaking habit is "You can just burn out..." (Please come visit our model house if you would like to know what I mean by this). I'm so happy to be able to work as an advertisement manager and as a store manager, surrounded by my favorite Swedish houses and Nordic items!!

Qualification A second class architect, airtightness measurement technician
Birthday 28 February, 19??
Blood type O
Birth Place Yamanashi Prefecture
Hobby Mountain climbing
Favorite food Pork kimchi, Tom Yum Goong
Favorite spot Kiyatsugatake
The thing I'm into Mountain climbing
Motto Everything comes to those who wait.
Favorite sports Golfing
Favorite celebrity Ayako Imoto


General affairs and accounting Koji Yamamoto

It's been more than 10 years since I came to this sea-less prefecture... I'm completely used to an inland life, but there are still a lot of seafood on my dinner table. I only work part-time now since I opened up my own business. I manage Sverige Hus behind the scenes.

Qualification A licensed tax accountant
Birthday 14, April, 1977
Blood type A
Birth Place Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture
Hobby Driving, Eating out
Favorite food Saury dish
Favorite spot Dogo hot spring, Futami Side park
The thing I'm into Visiting spiritual spots
Motto othing venture, nothing win
Favorite sports Swimming, watching baseball
Favorite celebrity Kasuga


General affairs and accounting Hisako Kasai

After moving into the house that Sverige Hus built for our family, I realized that living at an apartment was affecting my children in a negative way. My baby girl had suffered with inflammation of the skin and frequented the hospital for nearly 11 years. The inflammation had gone completely 6 months after we moved to our new house.

Qualification Nursing assistant certification
Birthday 9 October, 1976
Blood type B
Birth Place Yamanashi prefecture
Hobby Raising my children
Favorite food Meat
Favorite spot Tokyo Disney Land
The thing I'm into Kis-My-Ft2
Motto Where there is a will, there is a way.
Favorite sports Watching sports
Favorite celebrity Matsuko Deluxe


Design management Akiko Mochizuki
Arstudio, A second class architect office

It's been more than 10 years since I started living in the Sverige Hus house. I can barely remember those days when I opened up the curtain and found dew condensation on the windows. I would tiptoe in the room that is less than 0 degrees despite the fact that I set the timer to start up in the morning.... Now I can have a great sleep until the morning. I've slept enough to make up for my sleepless night for 15 years. Comfortable living condition makes my life a lot happier. I started my independent business in 2012, but I still work at Sverige Hus.

Qualification A second class architect, a first class exterior planner
Birthday 10 July, 1969
Blood type A
Birth Place Yamanashi Prefecture
Hobby Reading, watching movies
Favorite food Any kinds of noodles
Favorite spot TSUTAYA
The thing I'm into Hirotsugu Mori (S&M series)
Motto Well prepared, killing two birds with one stone, Always keep your mind as open as when you began.
Favorite sports I've recently started golfing.
Favorite celebrity Kano sisters (I'm curious of them for some reason...)


Tomoko Tanzawa

I'm still studying about a Swedish house.
The comfortable room temperature, clean air and the quiet which isn't also interested in a car street.
I'm circled by illumination and miscellaneous goods of a North European style and find North European charm every day.

Qualification a first class architect, Interior coordinator
Birthday 19 November, 1979
Blood type A
Birth Place Shizuoka Prefecture
Hobby Scuba diving
Favorite food Pizza
Favorite spot Shimobe-onsen Kanayama-Museum
The thing I'm into Kitchen garden  Fleshy plant
Motto Life study  Life youth
Favorite sports Yoga
Favorite celebrity Takao Osawa